New Release of the Cryptogram D Crypt Word Game

We here at Playful Jack have released version 1.1 of our fun and challenging cryptogram mobile app called D Crypt Word Game. We have two versions of the the app. A FREE version that allows you to try the game to see if you like it. The FREE version gives you access to over 100 puzzles. A PRO version gives to access to our entire library of puzzles. Our library grows weekly and currently is over a 1000 puzzles. As a PRO user you will have access to new puzzles automatically.

The major new feature in version 1.1 is the ability to download the puzzles and store them locally on your device. If you choose to do this then you can play without needing an Internet connection. Imagine you are someplace (like on an airplane), you will still be able to play. Just click the “What’s New” button and click the “Download So I can Play Offline!” button.

Get your copy NOW!

D Crypt Free Word Game for the iPhone/iPad/iPod

D Crypt Pro Word Game for the iPhone/iPad/iPod