Playful Jack’s Math Flash Cards Updated to version 1.1

We received some great suggestions on improving our Playful Jack’s Math Flash Cards app. So we implemented them and have a new version available for upgrade or install.

This new version now has the “answer” choice buttons only being displayed during a game. They were a little confusing to new players being displayed before starting a game. Also after finishing a game, if the player has made any errors, they can review and see their mistake and the correct answer. This is good feedback so the player can learn from their mistake.

And remember our Math Flash Cards app is available for your iPod, iPhone or iPad for FREE!!


Playful Jack’s Math Flash Cards is a fun way for kids to learn their math facts. Interactive addition flashcards, subtraction flashcards, multiplication flashcards, and division flashcards for kids. Practice arithmetic facts on your iPhone, iPod and iPad and have fun! If your device is shared, each child can customize scores with their name. Number values in the flash cards can be customized so students can practice on numbers that they are having difficulty doing, and soon will have them mastered.

Download your version of Playful Jack’s Math Flash Cards from the iTunes store now!