Playful Jack’s Picture Word Scramble Released!!

We are happy to report that we have released a new word game called Playful Jacks’s Picture Word Scramble Game for iOS!

Play a fun, challenging, strategic, word and brain puzzle game for FREE! Download it Now!!


The object of Playful Jack’s Picture Word Scramble Game is to deduce the words implied by a picture in the shortest amount of time. The picture represents a common well known American Idiom or Saying. And the picture depicts this idiom or saying often in a way that tickles your “punny” bone.

As the game begins, the picture is hidden behind 16 tiles. The player needs to remove the tiles to reveal the picture to ultimately solve the puzzle. The player can use their points to select the tiles they wish to remove. Points? Yes, the player can earn points by unscrambling words. The words range in size from 4 to 10 letters. The longer the word, the more points are scored.

Each picture can be solved by every player because not only can the player reveal the tiles, they can also use their points to reveal the letters in the final answer to the picture.

There is quite a bit of strategy involved. Unscrambling words with less letters is certainly easier but you will accrue points at a slower pace. Longer words will add up the points but will be harder to unscramble.

Another strategic aspect to the game is that the picture is not 100% covered by the tiles. You do get a small hint on which tiles may be more helpful to reveal first. And as you reveal the tiles, again some thought is needed to decide which next tile to reveal.

We really hope you enjoy our new Playful Jack’s Picture Word Scramble Game as we had a lot of fun creating it and know people that enjoy word and puzzle games will have a lot of fun playing it.

Download it Now!